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Helping people has been second nature to me from a very young age. I’ve always been able to see the potential in others, even when I struggled to see the potential in myself.

I was raised in poverty, and was bullied because of a learning disability. As an adult, I was 75 pounds overweight, abused antidepressants, and lived a sedentary lifestyle sustained by alcohol. I was comfortable, but complacent—and wasting the potential of a better, happier life.

Ten years ago, I discovered that there was more to life than just accepting the situation you’re in, or settling for a temporary fix. I lost 75 pounds and found ways to balance my career in politics with my personal well-being.

You have the potential to be the best version of yourself, and I want to help you find it. In whatever way you want to better your life—your fitness, your career, or overcoming obstacles in other areas—I’ll provide you with the tools to make a difference in your life, and in others’ lives.



Jayson continually refines his natural coaching skills by attending trainings, collaborating with other coaches, and working with private clients. His goal is to help his clients shine in all areas of their lives.

Trainings & Speaking

Right to Shine’s mission is to empower individuals and teams with the tools to foster health, boost performance, heighten creativity, improve morale, and decrease burnout.


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