Right to Shine’s mission is to empower individuals and teams with the tools to foster health, boost performance, heighten creativity, improve morale, and decrease burnout. To cope with the demands of working in the modern workplace, it is critical for employees to develop strategies that motivate them to adopt healthier behaviors, from changing their diet to utilizing employer-sponsored fitness programs.

The central components of our trainings are described below. However, we tailor each of our trainings for the audience, and we look forward to working with you to design a training that fits the needs of your staff and the goals of your team.


Our trainings include the following elements:

Inspire trainees with my personal story: Share my journey with self-care and connect my experiences to the experiences of the audience.

Relate self-care to professional success and personal growth: Define self-care and identify how self-care will help trainees to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Equip trainees with self-care tools for increasing performance: Provide tools that trainees can use to reduce stress, manage time, and maintain their commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

  Energize trainees to create a vision for self-care that fits their lifestyle and goals.

  Facilitate trainees’ development of self-care plans, using Right to Shine’s unique self-care worksheet.

Conclude: Summarize the main points, highlight key action items, and provide time for open-ended Q&A.