Why You Should Never Go Anywhere Without A Snack Bag

Do you own a snack bag? This photo was taken when I was living in Nairobi teaching yoga in 2013.  At the time I was getting ready to travel for 30 hours to make my way back to Denver.  My roommates were giving me a hard time about the size of my snack bag, hence the photo. I’ve been rocking the same snack bag since 2010. It’s traveled the world with me, been through yoga teacher training, and is my version of a security blanket. Having snacks are crucial when trying to maintain a healthy diet, traveling, or a hectic schedule. A better reason to have snacks handy is to prevent a HANGRY person from biting you. I’ve been in too many meetings where the person next to me is HANGRY, and I’ve stepped in with a food intervention from my snack bag. With a good snack bag you become an instant hero.

Tips for building your ultimate snack bag:

  • Variety: It’s important to have options. A human can only eat so many almonds. Try to have snacks that cover all the macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins). Do you have something savory and sweet?
  • Powders & Potions: I always travel with protein powder and a green powder. I use the same containers and measure the amount needed depending on the length of travel. I consider this part of my “travel insurance” for my health, when food options are limited.
  • Creative: Snacks are a good way to explore healthy food options at the grocery store—and you might stumble upon your next favorite snack. If you end up traveling to a new city, explore the local grocery stores to see what new options you can find.
  • Bars: Entire grocery store aisles are dedicated to options for power bars, protein bars, savory bars, and sweet bars. Find one that you love or that you can eat all the time. A good bar is emergency fuel to get you through without biting someone. Try to find a bar that does not have 500 ingredients, contains real food, over 10 grams of protein, and less than 15 grams of sugar. Another option is to make your own bars.
  • Dark Chocolate: Because why not? Dark chocolate is my secret weapon. It’s been there for me on shitty days, during celebrations, or just because I wanted to smile bigger. Aim for bars with at least 70% cacao. Also when you share dark chocolate with someone the entire world smiles a little brighter.

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  • Said the person who introduced my son to chocolate! Don’t know if we have to thank you for this, or not, but the child doesn’t like any other sweets, which makes his momma happy. I’d always choose good chocolate over Skittles and Starburst…

    • Hey thanks for your post. Let me know if you get this response. I’m checking things on my site. Much love, Jayson

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