How to Run 100 Miles


I’m still not sure how to run 100 miles.

I’m still not sure how to escape from poverty, how to embrace the gift of dyslexia (which just took me 3 attempts to spell correctly), or how my single mom raised six kids (all of whom now have college degrees).

But I’m sure that I spent the first half of my life running from enough damaging labels to cover a coffin, and the second half running at the labels that inspire hashtags (#righttoshine).

My friend Brendan and I were sitting on bar stools drinking coffee––like the bar stools we sat on taking shots in college 18 years ago––when he first mentioned the film. He pitched it as being about my life, our friendship, and a crazy idea to run a 100-mile race together. So, we started filming and running.

The result is How to Run 100 Miles. I hope that you’re fortunate enough to have a friendship like ours in your life––someone who awakens your spirit to do more, be more, and sometimes eat pizza. When they’re not motivating us, we’re motivating them. That kind of friendship is worth running 100 miles for.

Each of us has the potential to do more than we can imagine. And those big dreams are made possible by the people that encourage us, coach us, and ignite us to shine.

Enjoy the film, and go chase down your dreams.

6 Responses

  • This is super inspiring! WOW Brendan you are resilient.
    I enjoy your yoga classes a lot. Thanks for being YOU.

  • What a story Jayson Sime. You truly are the best at what you do. Never give up !!!
    So glad politics brought us together and winning in Black Hawk County.

  • Love this movie. So inspiring. What a great story of friendship and perseverance. Beautifully done. Jayson, you are, once again inspiring and motivating!

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